DIY Pendant Necklace Ideas

Well, I’ve got an exciting round-up for you: 5 DIY jewelry pendants! A necklace pendant is a simple way to change up your jewelry and your look while not an entire lot of effort, and a few are easy to form. I’m not an expert jeweler, but once rounding up these ideas I’m dying to urge higher. To fill within the gaps in my knowledge I’m reading Knowledge gaining books that is simply full of jewelry creating lessons. It’s the sole book I will ever want on the topic, though it’ll take me for a while to urge through it!


I love trees, that you frequent readers already understand. Nature is so stunning. I used to be thinking over the weekend regarding some nature-inspired jewelry, and whereas this look isn’t all that earthy, it’s a simple technique that you simply will implement very inexpensively with some chemical compound clay and leaves.


  • Small leaves
  • Polymer clay and roller
  • Jump ring and chain
  • Optional acrylic paint and sealer


A little bit of Clay should be used for this project. Roll it bent on concerning 1/4 inch. Press your little leaf into the clay, vein side/backside toward the clay, then flip your clay over and roll it out a bit. The reason I recommend flipping it over is thus your leaf can’t move. I learned to not try and roll your clay out any blandish here – it’ll break your leaf apart and build it tougher to remove. Now peel off your leave.

Now, trim your clay to the dimensions pendant you wish. I opted for a one – 1/2-inch circle. Then cut it with any kind of kitchen cutter, but keep in mind once you used cookie cutter then not try to use it for your food again because it should be harmful to your health.

Now make a small hole with the help of any thick stick or toothpick as shown in the figure below.

Now, bake it consistent with the package directions. This may vary by a whole, but what you’ll be able to expect is that it’ll take about a half-hour for every 1/4-inch-thick your pendant is in a low-temperature kitchen appliance.

Once it’s baked and cooled, you’ll be able to add some paint if you prefer to assist add contrast.

Then, with a touch of a damp towel, I wiped off the surplus paint from the surface, departure the paint simply within the leaf veins.

Your DIY Pendant is ready to wear.


Today I’ve got a fun and super-simple project for you! you merely would like 2 buttons, and it’ll take concerning 5 minutes to form this trendy statement necklace!


  • Two coordinating buttons
  • 24-gauge wire
  • Jewelry bail
  • E6000
  • Ball chain
  • Wire cutters


STEP 1: Place your smaller button on prime of the larger button. Thread wire through the holes of each button.

STEP 2: Flip buttons over and twist wire tightly to secure. Trim ends and tucks into one amongst the holes to cover sharp edges.

STEP 3: Glue a jewelry bail to the rear of the massive button and let it dry fully.


STEP 4: Cut the ball chain alternative chains} to your required length. I sometimes keep company with 18″. Thread it through the bail and add closure piece.

3.   DIY Photo Pendant Necklace:

It is the ever best pendant close to me because with the help of this pendant you can easily store some of the precious memories of your family near to your heart!! I hope you will enjoy it.


  • Blank pendants and chain
  • Photos printed to size
  • Packing tape
  • Modge Podge


  1. Take some blank Pendants and attached the chain to it.
  2. Cover photos with clear packing tape to guard them
  3. Adhere Photos to blank pendant employing a dry glue
  4. Cover with some coats of modge podge and permit to dry.

You can simply create it within seconds. Its time to wear your DIY Photo Pendant Necklace.

4.   Ombre Glitter Glass Star Pendant:

Who would have thought that tumbler and glitter from greenback Tree might look so chic? scan on to find out how simple it’s to create this fall inspired pendant! Let’s start to create a unique one.


  • Double sided tape
  • Glass floral stone
  • glitter
  • Glossy Accents


  1. Apply strips of double-sided tape to the reverse of the stone.
  2. Trim the tape.
  3. take away one strip backing at a time and apply glitter. Continue with every color.
  4. Seal with shiny Accents.
  5. Adhere a bail exploitation E-6000.


Nest Egg could be a funny combination of words! Anyway, wish to form one? one amongst these beauties? It’s super simple and may be customized for your precise variety of “eggs”! This would be a wonderful gift for your bestie.


  • 26-gauge bead wire
  • Beads for eggs
  • A jump rings
  • Choice of necklace
  • Wire snips or sharp scissors



First, I started off by cutting a good length of wire from the spool. Then I wrapped the wire around a Crayola marker a bunch of times to form the nested form. I left concerning a pair of inches of straight wire straight at the start. Once the shape of your nest appearance how you wish it, I circled the nest with a 2-inch length of the wire three times to carry it along.

After wrapping it three times to carry along, either attach a jump ring and wrap once more, or bend the remaining section into a tiny low loop and wrap remaining wire then snip excess to offer the nest how to loop onto a piece of jewelry.

Picking up where we tend to leave off, I rib a six-millimeter light blue glass pearl bead on the remaining length of wire and rapt the bead to where I wished it within the nest then wrapped the wire three times once more across from the primary wrapping. I perennial these two extra times, alternating wherever I wrapped the wire around the outside of the nest.

I choose the blue glass pearl for creating the pendant, it looks amazing.

You just need to put the chain inside the hooks, now your DIY egg Pendant s ready to wear.

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