Stone Jewelry DIY Crafts

Once again, a warm welcome to all My smart readers!! I hope you will be alright. I every time Glad to see you in my diary. I know girls are fond of jewelry whether it is stone, gold, silver, crystal or diamond. Today I am going to teach you how you can create awesome jewelry of your own choice with the help of Stones.


This pretty green one was simply right! Turning it into a piece of pendant jewelry is the world’s best DIY. The stones are thus attractive with made, swirly colors.


  • Agate Pendant
  • Gold or silver chain
  • Gold or silver jump ring
  • Jewelry Pliers


Step 1:

Measure this (34-inch) of gold or silver chain and cut it with the help of  jewelry pliers. Feed the chain through the pendant loop at the highest of the stone.

Step 2:

Open the jump ring together with your pliers, attach it to the 2 ends of the chain and shut once more with pliers.

2.   DIY Gemstone Bracelet:

This is an awesome DIY Gemstone Bracelet, which can easily create in seconds. You can easily build it with the help of following instructions.


  • Chain
  • Gemstone Beads
  • Jump Rings
  • Wire and jewelry Pliers
  • Lobster Clasp


  1. Measure your chain and divide into 2 equal lengths. If you’re doing a double wrap around divide where it might hit behind your wrist. You’ll divide chain with pliers or metal snips.
  2. Measure out your wire and loop one finish tightly around the end of the chain along with your pliers. Place your bead through the wire and tightly cut and wind the opposite end around the second chain strand.
  3. Add your lobster clasp and jump ring exploitation your pliers to bring each chain ends along. Your DIY Gemstone Bracelet is ready to wear.

3.   DIY Stone and Rope Necklace:

If you are a DIY fan, this one will be more choose able toward you. This DIY stone and Rope Necklace is outstanding and easy to create. Just follow my steps.


  • Wire
  • 6mm Craft Cord
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Jump rings
  • Stone with holes


  1. First, place a bit of wire through the opening in the store
  2. Then, along with your jewelry pliers, round the ends to form a double loop. Do that on either side of the stone.
  3. Next, cut your rope to a length you’d like your jewelry. Place tape on the ends to keep from fraying and cut so simply a small amount of tape is visible.
  4. Put super-glue in the finish cap, then place the tip of your rope into the cap and let dry for a second.
  5. Connect your finish caps to the loops created on either side of the stone with jump rings.
  6. Next, once wrapping tape around the center of the rear of your jewelry, cut the rope and add finish caps with glue.
  7. Finally, add a lobster clasp to your DIY Product.

I hope you would get a lot to learn from today’s DIY craft plans. Thanks for spending your time here!!



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