Top 5 Cosmetic brands in Pakistan

Pakistani markets are flooded with infinite cosmetic bands. But once it involves quality, class, and popularity; there are Top 5 cosmetic brands in Pakistan that have outshined all others. Cosmetic brands support up to the glint, participating quality and reliability in both men and women. Beauty care products make you look younger and exquisite by increasing the differentiation between the normal skin tone and facial parts.

Cosmetics product are extremely the magnificence items covering the massive extent from only a lip liner to an establishment, fragrances, antiperspirants, excellence creams, hair splashes and much more. So, let’s start.

1.   MAC:

Macintosh is a better choice for make-up beautifiers. It had been established by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. Macintosh delivers an improbable accumulation of beauty care merchandise items. This brand is very expensive but outstanding Cosmetics brand.

2.   REVLON:

Revlon is one amongst the foremost seasoned excellence organizations of the globe which is best-known for collection lips-sticks and different make-up items. I am quite sure you won’t disappoint by choosing such Items.


Maybelline is another of the most effective beautifying cosmetic brands available in Pakistan. The results of this brand are usually outstanding in all parts of the globe. Ladies, particularly while getting ready for some gatherings, faithfully wish to utilize the nonessential results of this brand.


Clinique is a standout amongst the foremost broadly used corrective brands of the world. The results of Clinique are prescribed by the dermatologists that more attracts in an extraordinary range of clients towards this brand. Makeup usually depends on skin types of people because everyone has a completely unexpected skin type.

5.   L’OREAL:

L’Oreal group is another of the most effective nonessential brands in 2013. The results of this brand are my undisputed prime choices. This brand began its business from collecting the hair shading connected items and then their business extended as time passed.


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